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lirik lagu cv$tro (ca) – commot!on



ya we bout to party rock this party jumpin (jumpin)
i need the bad lil how i need her at the function (function)
i told her don’t by shy just go ahead and jump in (jump in)
129 on freeway there’s no repercussions (repercussions)

that perky hit my had straight like a concussion

mix the purple with sprite we makin potions (potions)

higher! (higher!)


turn it up right there (right there)

i’m sippin on my cup i think lil shawty drugged it (drugged it)
i’m praying for my life ya that godly discussions (discussions)
the way she move that body d~mn girl you luscious (luscious)
i’m trynna treat you right and dive up in your oceans
girl what’s the motive?
if you really wit it then you know the motions (motions)
the way she move her hips got my mind in commotion (motion)
she walk passed i see that ass in slow motion (motion)
i’m getting higher off the earth (earth)
i’m movin past the 4th dimension swear ya this a spiritual rebirth (rebirth)
i wanna see what all you got i wanna see what your worth (worth)
pop another pill down my throat f~ck it, it can’t get any worse (worse)
i’m trynna love you girl but it still hurts where it hurts (hurts)

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