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lirik lagu curren y – rollin up


“rollin up”

[chorus x2]
and i’mma keep rolling up
put the weed low when the police is rolling up
fool all i know is go and try to let them haters slow me up
stashing for my (insert)?
they balling when they old enough

yeah, jets n-gg-
as if i had to say it, spitta
in the middle of every bad b-tches playlist
i tunes banging from my hotel room
nothing but beats b-tch
f-ck it when i die i could sleep b-tch
my momma need a bigger crib so i need this money g
king kong aint got sh-t on me
my face is a coupon
i don’t know them but they know me
b-tches pitch it, like pitchers
but i’m smart not a wild swinger careful at what i’m hitting
burners in the sofa cushion careful where you sitting
aint in to nothing crazy keep it for them crazy n-gg-s
g fizz(?) fly holla at wiz, catch the steelers
smelling like high time at the 50 yard line
ushers bugging wanna check our tickets


[wiz khalifa]
and um, my n-gg-s the planes back
getting full off of dinner but save scr-ps
never know when a rainy day may hap-
pen pictures out of my life and b-tches i taylor gang that
me and spitta, spend a grand at the bar
buying drinks for my n-gg-s
hoes selling they souls just to be with us
on the road with winners, champions
ride smoking weed to myself the only reason they stress
because i’m on the level you can’t be in
and i flick the middle finger to fake friends
we live like when the loyalty is strong you can’t bend
we the planes and all of my n-gg-s stamped in
billionaire clothes out in vegas f-cking millionaire hoes
i’m in the air solo
you know where near close
went and took the road this youngin here chose
smoking it by the “o”