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lirik lagu cueball – the huntington theme


we reached our destiny
we that’s the human race
made cold war history
and everybody wants to embrace…

but wait!
we’re waitin’ for catastrophy.
so welcome
to the 21st century!

oh ! poor!
oh poor america!

they came in through the front door
they smashed into your face
and broke your teeth
the people want an act of war -for democracy!
you talk of a crusade to restore -peace! god bless!!!

so my friends, look back
at your foreign policy !
fighting against your enemy
has been worth a cheque

now somebody sends it back
return to sender
back to big spender
par avion ! pas de pardon!
c’est la vie, mon ami!

well, call it defense, sam
but where’s your enemy?
is it a bunch of fools
or is it the islam ?

call it talibanistan.

now your bombing a certain nation
but its no national conflict
it’s just

the clash of civilisations

welcome to the art of war
got no fronts and borders
it’s brandnew and never seen before:!
welcome to the new world order