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lirik lagu crooked i – it feels good as a mf


it feels good as a mf

if it’s that new sh-t
if it’s that true sh-t
you gettin’ it from the la lakers
just incredible
dj sour milk
little drop tho
i just wanna get out the life y’know
my n-gg-s wanna, they wanna blow up fire
sell drugs, doing the liquid sh-t
i’m just tryin’ to get out the life
that sh-t ain’t nothing for me man
i’m a rapper, i’m a mc
i want all my n-gg-s of my crew get out the life too y’know
if anybody in my crew is f-cking with the life
than share my light with me
i want them to get out, follow their dreams

ah, yeah, i feel good as a motherf-cker
i came up i’m still hood as a motherf-cker
said i wouldn’t make it, i’m kickin’
and your baby mama wanna get naked and let me take her
i should, i’m a motherf-cker

uh, i’m in a place n-gg- sprayed to be
mercedes-b s63 amg
i call my mama on cell, i’m like, ask me
you raise the g, i owe you everything a to z
from aimless to zachariah you ride biblical
pray that your son will survive and not die criminal
i got it all from you, my high spiritude
thankful for the little things
while others desire miracles
worked like a slave, to get what a king got
i’m ’bout to drop industry giants with one sling shot
until the time run out on my g shot
’til i’m walking with god like enok i’m a let the beat rock
when i’m on my death bed, i’m a wreck rhymes
’til the machines beeping my vital signs, flat line
long as i live as a real n-gg-, that’s fine
some people got loftier goals, well that’s mine
yeah, we barge in vegas, party in miami
rock stages in new york, me and my f-cking family
spit on eminem’s alb-m, my almost wanted grammy
plus he got me panty, so that song was a double whammy
for you to understand me, you gotta look it where i took it
i got artist sayin’, i’m fill in up for the cooking
that’s when an underground rapper don’t blow up over night
but he’s in it for the fight, duck his head, throw the life
i was sluggin’ in the ring, blood dripping out of my mouth
’til i knocked failure down for the count
and now i can inspire you,
i can finally sh-t on my name sayers
but i out grew the desire to
yeah, i out grew the desire to
calms in her rail, i think i’ll hire you
yeah, come work for a n-gg- man
it’s gonna be all good tho
straight up dog, to be in this position
i feel good as a motherf-cker
i feel good as a motherf-cker
for real man
n-gg- grew up f-cked up, you know homeless, sleeping in the park
not knowing where my next meal coming from
i mean, walking inside a f-cking grocery store stealing dinner
running trucks into the front windows of pire shops
stealing everything they had in that motherf-cker you know
everybody got a story
you probably heard this one before but you know
i could only be tho y’know
i can’t tell n-body else story to entertain n-gg-s
i just got to be me
i can, i can call my mama right now n-gg-
and she be sayin’
i need this, i need that
and i can give it to her my n-gg-
that feel good to me
’cause i came a long f-cking way
came a long way
i’m just keeping in for it with you n-gg-s out there
i feel good as a motherf-cker