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lirik lagu craigs brother – set free


i guess there’s only one place to go from here
i think the options are clear anyway
i’m sure you’re tired of waiting for me
to figure out where you fit in

i guess i’m afraid of what we could be
’cause i don’t want to sell you short of your dreams
i’m sorry for making you wait for me
’cause i don’t want to hold you down

but i don’t want to set you free
i don’t want to make you run from me
i guess it’s hard to believe that i
could make myself give up

after all this time you and me
trying hard to make sense of our differences
pretending we both had everything

i guess i believed in our fantasy
you only loved the one you wanted me to be
i’m sorry for breaking your faith in me
i don’t want to hold you down

but what if you’re more than i could please
could you accept apologies?
i don’t want to squander all your time
i don’t want to mislead you

i think we both knew that it was done
sorry i had to be the one
sometimes i wish it were the other way around
i wish you weren’t supposed to be set free