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lirik lagu crackdust – mortal decay


sc-m of the earth you rule the world
deceive you conquer you lie
i spit on your grave when you die
carnage, condemnation of us all
murderers on the prowl
hunting to devour
they were put on the earth to rend flesh
n-body wants them alive
sc-m, sc-m of the earth take us down
humanity has been cursed
in the end there will be nothing that lives
one at a time we will die
consumed by species of our own
behold, there is no hope

mortal decay prevails, source of all hate
mortal decay prevails, source of all else
mortal decay prevails

silence, broken by cracking of bones
living behind, nothing but pain
as the plague sweeps the earth
bodies shall rot

zombies roaming the streets
sickening stench of the dead
suicide a way of life
haunting cried from beyond the grave
societies of mindless freaks
deriving pleasure from murder and torture