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lirik lagu crack amico – 2bears1grave


man these fat motherf~ckas ain’t funny
they ain’t giving nothing, all they do is take money
and it’s so g~y, they getting paid
that’s why i’m putting two bears in one grave
and you can never dig them up
tucrack in this b~tch, imma hit em’ up
gotta get back to the money, got milli’s i stick em’ up
you might stack a lot of money, but your soul ain’t getting saved
aye, it’s 2bears1grave
you follow rogan like some f~ggoty b~tches
pretty sad that we magically knew who katt really dissin’
some raggedy d~ck queers careers tragically slippin’
and that’s why mcafee see you and act dramatically different
it’s actually fittin your reputation drastically shifted
‘something’s burning’ i think you got too many hacks in the kitchen
when i break my foot off in your ass you gone be practically sh~tting
and p~ssin’ and wishin’ we would drink your maggoty liquor, ugh

got a rich lawyer dad, you ain’t never had to suffer
he worked for l. ron hubbard
you a scientolo~g baby, need i say more?
every bit either a lie or stolen from jay mohr
you a fat b~tch, why you keep takin them anabolics
losing weight, but you still got the face of an alcoholic
if it ain’t a drinking problem, then i don’t know what to call it
you done drank yourself r~t~rded, you dumber than lauren compton
watch him drink more liquor to f~ck him up quicker
then i get f~cked up for saying the word “n~~~~~”
and that’s what you get for making these dumb b~tches pay 10 whole dollars for ’69 minutes’
tom, you gotta get back to your old gimmicks
instead of wearing g~y clothes and poppin’ that ozempic
while your commie gold digger play around with your little shrimp d~ck
better let the real father come over and see his kids, b~tch
you grew up privileged more than just a richer kid
why you acted broke, when your dad in the merill lynch biz
now he resting in peace and it’s got my heart torn
how you forcing your widow mommy to do that fart p~rn?

i’m here policing comedy
these b~tches got no talent, swear to god they hit the lottery
the last sk~nkfest, them comics was saying hi to me
this year they gon’ be quite like they got a tracheotomy
i’m aiming at your temple i got no need for apology
these motherf~ckas stars? then i don’t believe in astrology
now half of standup comedy can’t stand me like neuropathy
i turned my sociopathy to self~fulfilling prophecy
baby, i hit em’ up

tucrack in this b~tch, imma hit em’ up
gotta get back to the money, got milli’s i stick em’ up
you might stack a lot of money, but your soul ain’t getting saved
aye, it’s 2bears1

kreischer, he’s a big fat liar
tommy buns wants buyers, he needs to retire
motherf~ckin’ burt kreischer, he’s a big fat liar
tommy buns wants buyers,they need to retire, aye
[redbar intermission]

aye, aye
i see the bands and i’m making them drop
burt kreischer movie his body gone flop
69 minutes his body gone flop
take of his shirt, imma take off his top
we know that story bout russia is fake
work with the mafia, you f~ckin insane
piping leeann with your three favorite homies is the closest you’ve come to running a train
old girl looking lonely man, better hope that b~tch don’t start an onlyfans
down sad cause your jokes bad, now jokewrld is your only fan
tommy segura and joe rogan made you
[?] in the game but tim heidecker played you
no broken arms i’m bringing you harm
sending you shots and you gone, paramedics won’t save you

look at y’all f~cking p~ssies man
all that money, but you still down bad
tryna suck shane gillis d~ck
suckin’ joe rogan fat d~ck
throatin’ tony hinchcliffe cl~toris, on god

redbar radio anthem
cl!ck, bow, bust shots at random
all my homies run the [?] like a tandem
f~ck with my man, get abandoned
note for the ransom
temper tantrum is what i’m gone have
scoped ak47 what i’m gone grab
motherf~ckin’ imma hit em’ in the back
confidence fake as your mothef~ckin’ laugh

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