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lirik lagu corrosion – listen to your conscience



man do not believe that you have won,
because you have dominated all.
as long as you are a slave
of this society, society,
dirty with poverty.

we’re looking for – looking for what
riches – yes, but what for?
for it all – what’s all?
the power – don’t you dream!

soon the day will come,
everyone will look to the sky
waiting for a miracle
with faces of loneliness
they look just like vultures,
got smiles like hyenas.
we have lost our conscience.
they sanctify their arms,
screaming to the sky,
destroy the enemy,
who dares to work the earth.
holding up a cross,
inverted it’s a sword.
repudiate strange credos.
thos who only speak of love.
they claim it all nothing they give.

we demand – what is it now?
fame and glory – what’s that for?
we demand – you are blind!
that everything will change


that life is all the same,
with benediction or evil.
think! remember!
that way of living is in vain
‘cos everything will be payed,
you must pay!