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lirik lagu cook thugless – ugly boy


bienvenidos damas y caballeros
entren, atrevense
a ver a los jóvenes cook thugless
lanz~rs~ de alturas de 400 metros!

[verse 1: jean sauvage]
welcome back to that sideshow
been rollercoasting that high low
like, freak boy ‘gon rise though
jump off the building at five floors
[chorus: jean sauvage]
asi voy, asi juego juego
ugly boy es modelo delo
asi voy, asi juego juego
ugly boy es modelo delo
take a risk, dang look at me
ugly boy, daredevil devil

[verse 2: jean sauvage]
those in last chase the bag
man, thеy hate the fact
that i made it past ‘еm
i don’t run, keep my pace intact
i walk in, cause avalanches
always live on the edge
they always treat me like sideshow
now look at me on that front line
‘cuz i been walking that tightrope
b~tch, take a risk
dang, look at me!
f~ck you thought
none of this for free
i was given these cards for it
but life, i just wanted more from it
so i just did what i want
now i can play it out live for ya
[chorus: jean sauvage]
asi juego juego
es modelo delo
take a risk d~mn, look at me
daredevil devil

[verse 3: 99pines]
all of my plans take a while
sometimes they go up in fire
looking like domino piles
at least i’m falling with style
get up and do what i do
i’m steady climbing the roof
onlookers they can’t decide
if we the whole show on the side
f~ck it up even when bound with a sword
down my throat double edged
at the top knowing the ground want a word
with my bones guaranteed i’m still jumping the ledge
they want a piece but the crowd on the fence
always leaving them guessing and questioning
is he possessed or a beast
is he dead can he breathe
it’s how i like it it’s always the one you suspecting the least
[chorus: jean sauvage]
asi voy
asi juego juego
ugly boy
es modelo delo
take a risk, d~mn look at me
ugly boy
daredevil devil

[outro: wavepool]
you had me like voodoo
had me trippin’
pullin me to you
ya kept pushin’
pullin’ strings yea
me tennia tripiando
estaba allocado
me tennia tripiando