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lirik lagu co cash – scattered thoughts (unfinished)


buddah bless this beat

one the one, kept it real from the start
new whip sittin’ in my garage
n-gg-s ain’t but they try to act hard
lil n-gg- just play your part
keep it real with yourself, it ain’t hard

came in the game, had to make my mark
[?] dawg, i play this sh-t smart
go and get a new phone, give my brother my [?]

all in hollywood doin’ good drugs
hot cold, babygirl i need good love
when i send for you, better pull up

would you believe me if i told you i didn’t have no hoes
would you deceive me or stay loyal when i’m on the road

tell me something good, let a n-gg- know
need a solid lil b-tch, won’t fold
let her take trip, where you wanna go?
somewhere n-body knows
p-ssy wet and i might f-ck her on the boat
i’m in it til she doze
if she wanna leave, i’m let her go
i don’t chase hoes i get chosen
big-big-big vv’s, they frozen