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lirik lagu chris webby – do me


“do me”
(feat. rotimi)

uh, hahaha, let’s go
yeah yeah (uh), yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah (uh)
rotimi (yeah yeah),
chris webby (yeah yeah uh)
i’m a do me (yeah yeah uh)
see i’m a do me (yeah yeah uh)

[chorus: rotimi]
i don’t really wanna grind no more ’cause the stress be killin’ me (killin’ me)
but i know i gotta reach for the top, don’t stop ’cause i will achieve (will achieve)
i don’t wanna be broke no more ’cause the labels can’t recognize dope no more
ay, ay ay ay ay
i gotta do me, so let me do me, i wanna do me

[verse 1: chris webby]
there’s been a lot before me, but webby is next
so it’s about to go down, like lesbian s-x
with lyricism on a level that my enemies sweat
i’ll sit here and freestyle till i get my respect
i’m just a little rascal, leave ’em baffled
no h-ssle, skin tone white as eddie haskell (haha)
webby spit it, you know he did it
move too fast, no speed limit
stay blasted, rollin’ up a quarter
poster boy for attention deficit disorder
jump the racial border, “a white kid rappin’
and he’s from the suburbs too? d-mn, what happened? ”
smooth as b-tter, never known to stutter
all about my green, i’m a f-ckin’ tree hugger
lyrically, i’m sharper than a fresh boxcutter
that’s why i’m gon’ make it, word to my godmother


[verse 2: chris webby]
get down (down), move when i say so
i’m like eragon, spit fuego
so tight i could sell it to billy mays yo
’bout to be on top, player 1 halo
so what i stay broke, i’ll have that money soon
oh yes, it’s comin’ soon, haters just stay tuned
i’m a typhoon, you’re goin’ overboard
stay high, what the f-ck should i be sober for?
haven’t earned yet, but i deserve checks
what other rookie’s i’ll enough to come and serve vets?
no matter how sticky the purp gets
i’ll be pullin’ stunts like rob dyrdek
has it occurred yet that i’m dope, murder a track
’bout to take the game over it’s as simple as that
and if these d-mn labels couldn’t understand that
finito, i’m done, press rewind on a track, like that


i wanna do me [x5]

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