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lirik lagu chris travis – lights off


tell me how you feelin’, i’ll tell you if its mutual
with the lights off, we performing s~x rituals
young chris travis i prefer, bad dominicans
with they own house, own car and own dividends
shawty come with me, you can bring the gin, and yo friends
all them n~ggas lame, all they ever do is just pretend
all my n~ggas getting b~tches this is just where it begins
hood on, hair down, let my sh~t blow in the wind

[verse 2]
ride around she know i get it, money on me watch me spend it
water on me watch me sip it, fiji water steady dripping
b~tch you know i’m double dipping, ion know, why you tripping
b~tch you know i’m never slipping, working hard, for my living
n~ggas talking so silly, ’till i slap they ass sisters
yeah i’m kinda re,lentless, i feel like my life is endless
baby you can come and get it, only if you ending wit’ me
in my world, ain’t no interest, no way out b~tches