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lirik lagu childish gambino – it’s on


“it’s on”

okay what’s up my n-gg-
word up to seven figures
my swag is always capital, it live in north virgina
bino on a hood beat, ain’t know he had it in him
i came on this beat, i ain’t even buy it dinner
slide inside the party late, leaving with the baddest ho
whiskey shots and doin asian b-tches is the status quo
the future’s always coming, whether cl-toral or v-g-n-l
i’m always in that p-ssy like my jacket made of calico
it’s on, i made this sh-t for new years
play this sh-t at midnight, like tv shows with b–bies
my asthma status chronic, you can get an ounce of that
real g’s only, don’t f-ck up my alphabet
i’m as real as i’m a get, loser who got confident
attracted to an awkward b-tch, but mostly cause we’re opposites
blew up in 0-10 like tick, tick boom
no drugs at the club, i’m a slip sh-t through
came hard on this b-tch, my d-ck did too
here’s a list of the sh-t i’m addicted to
like, weed, whiskey, sometimes ex
but that is only when i’m drunk and call her up to have s-x
these girls i f-ckin now see my d-ck as a blank check
so i only sign my name and dot my ‘i’s on her chest, yes
what y’all really want what ya’ll really want, now
black guy on mad men. i’m telling ya’ll it’s goin down
ring around the ros’e, these b-tches love to fall down
sober girls, broke n-gg-s, tell em that they not allowed
it’s on, it’s on, yes-yes, it’s on
it’s on, it’s on, yes-yes, it’s on
it’s on, it’s on, yes-yes, it’s on
it’s on, it’s on, let me tell you how it’s on
who the f-ck you think this b-tch is leaving with?
cause one of us is famous like ‘she and him’
wasn’t cool in high school, but that’s expected with geniuses
my music goes hard, bang sh-t like gay p-n-ses
my dj be sosupersam
she asian, f-ck that klu klux klan
i love these clothes, that’s who i am my name means fashion, gucci mane
we are not exclusive, i hope she understand me
chris brown p-ssy, it won’t be at the grammys
finally met your girlfriend, that is why her f-ckin knees hurt
been to h-ll and back and all i got’s this f-ckin t-shirt
laughing while mackin these ho
vastly these rappers are slow
asking to get back in the know
cause they lacking a p-ssionate flow
trust in gambino, he has never failed us
cause i have got “s” plus what a dog’s tail does
i read your blogs, f-ck that f-g
i’m like, lol, hash tag rap
dc be spittin jigga
he white, but he my n-gg-
my sh-t be grown man
your sh-t be kitty litter
i always do it bigger

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