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lirik lagu chiddy bang – the whistle song


“the whistle song”

[verse 1:]
yeah, ayo we still gon’ hustle hard
i ain’t sweet n-gg- i don’t spit them truffle bars
shortie know the deal so she might as well shuffle card
used to watch appollo and now we higher than shuttles are
realchiddy, follow it, only like the ladies that swallow spit
that’s when i’m not in the stu and i’m hopping out with the crew
it’s just everyday sh-t to us, but super hot to you
uh, i said they made a cold can’t be serial
wake up with a blunt and put it right by my cereal
hip hop that’s my sh-t and i’mma take the time to put it out
i’m indecisive, but i’m packing bowls when in doubt
i could rap with y’all twice, this is what you call life
chiddy, i be hooping so i need a basketball wife
n-gg-s just be looking at me, that is what i call sight
but f-ck are we on? i guess i never have an off night

[verse 2:]
it’s serious, they don’t f-ck with chiddy, they delirious
quick to get the kitty, i kill it if i’m curious
yeah, that boy fly kinda like a falcon
and why that mixtape sh-t sounded like an alb-m?
i got a wardrobe so i be forever styling
don’t give your number out, them ladies probably never dialing
you can’t fade me, motherf-ck your barber
i got a life coach and the skills way harder
see how i shave up, windows down when we bake up
i be killing them beats, now they putting the yellow tape up
french girls making me breakfast, i got a crepe up
probably smearing her makeup after i put my cape up
fast lane, yeah i still can’t slow up
and when you least expected, that is when i show up
and when they see me back a hater gon’ throw up
and you should try to be like me when you grow up

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