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lirik lagu chi ali – roadrunner (puberty mix)


verse 1: chi-ali

i be the chi, oh who i be
no matter cause the serve say tre on a dime platter
batter up batter boy, joy to the world
get goosed by the footloose crew and the youth
back your brother bam bam, here comes the stool with more
what you hear will come clear
fix up the mommy doo, jams that i adore
making it clear to all ears
you wanna grab a yolk, don’t choke on the young one
come here i come, here i kiddy come come
me not? yo ways in the days
that come, lay low, and then you get some
i’m around you on the neck for respect
you didn’t want to cash in, so i’m mashin
level from the low mumbo jumbo
they be splashing, and i be asking
wanna swing a chop-shop rhyme by the pack?
that’s a no no coyote, look how ya act
after i step on, you’ll be stepping all in it
cause i’m the roadrunner running things

chorus: dove

cool it coyote, i’m the roadrunner running things (repeat 4x)

verse 2: chi-ali

so on after jabberjaw and for sure
i rhymes any rhymes, i rhyme for sure
pashes to bashes, bigger figure here
ashes to -ss, i trigger n-gg-s here
coyotes learn i burn every time
it’s my turn, seems like a perfect
but is it worth it? better be, better g
than the next wrecks, or else i get vexed
no how did this adept kid turn rap?
all hips wanna flip when they check the stat
but 40 ain’t the shorty to be guzzling with
i’m out to get paid so i sip lemonade
the ruffian youth with the pocket full of poof
so don’t check the label, you’re liable to goof
i work wonders, put a drumbeat to thunder
rhyme like a rain, lay low and maintain
break the batter boy with my rat-tat-tatta toy
don’t block the roadrunner boy, son enjoy
a talk from a new york brother in a swing
it’s the roadrunner running things


verse 3: chi-ali

my problem coyote? i wrote this h-t
this for the doggy doggy step right out
don’t flow the ritual puppy just sit
soon comes a mini rhyme, in styles out
i funk the whole pile, wicked and wild
must i profile? well not by the mile
i got you nagging, bragging, that the chi was raggin
but i grin and just smile
so listen real close, the brother might boast
although i appear as the guest and the host
no need for all the lingering and loitering
when the roadrunner’s running things


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