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lirik lagu cheer-accident – the answer


these politics will separate from the crowd
for they do not pretend they’re the answer

we have become the slaves of our social codes
whose problems are defined by answers

consciousness internalized misery
as our happiness depends on answers

this is the one thing we cannot acquire
for there is not a god who can answer

our paradox is that we hope to find truth
while we look around for the answer

judeo-christian ethics lead us astray
for we’ve wrapped ourselves in their answers

here is our god as he sits on my knee
with my hand up his back he will answer

you never look at my lips as they move
for your eyes are focused on the answer

determine world problems with accuracy
there is nothing of value in answers

true freedom lies in the power to decide
as it pushes aside all the answers

it really seems like we’re running away
when we’re running headlong into answers

our truth has become a sick parody
when we come to depend on the answers