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lirik lagu chase coy – one more with you


one more with you

three years ago i was so sure
but now i’m not sure of anything anymore
it’s like the past is gripping my throat and i choke
and i’m still hoping i’ll find out it’s all a bad joke

so don’t, don’t tell me it’s over
and don’t, don’t say that i’ll be alright
if i could trade twenty years for one more with you, then i would
i’d turn back time, make the whole world rewind if i could
if i knew that you’d haunt my dreams every time that i sleep
then i’d lay my head down and i’d close my eyes for good

three years went by and i thought you and i were a sure thing
but as it turns out, i guess i can’t count on anything
you changed your mind
and nothing is quite what it seems
you said “forever,” but i guess you don’t know what that means