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lirik lagu chamillionaire – think about it


“think about it”

if you ain’t never spent tonight with me then try it
cause she can’t be too fast with too much speed and mileage
the ugly one always talking like she the hottest
but we ain’t never tripping we b g’s about it

i’m getting knowledge just like i got b’s in college
you know she almost fainted when she seen my closet
and if you just like me you give her d deposit
so she ain’t bring a friend then she should think about it

[verse 1:]
hold up
got so many cars see em soon as i walk out a dow
whole bunch of colors and my view like a calatascope
women in the kitchen making grits and cutting antachokes
plus they watching movies i ain’t with that parry tyler tho
baby girl your face is cute i don’t know bout that body tho
i would love to stay n chat but money talks i gotta show
gotta few that creo but they don’t be jammin zotico
they be jammin that koopa and say that boy z-ro gotta flow
shout out to my hoes in dallas got some girls in funky town
dropped that major pain they say that pain what they be b-mping now
they used to jam them other boys, them other boys be suckin now
i ain’t even gonna tell em what this girl is sucking nooow
bust it out then i’m gon bust it in
i can’t stand when she tryna she can’t because her friend
don’t be a follower just swallow up this cup of gin
and you know where to meet me ring the bell n i’m gon buzz ya in


[verse 2:]
say she ain’t a groupie but say she want an autograph
i just want some knowledge just point me to where your college at
got some andre n 3000 it’s like i was part of kast
if you get too drunk then get a driver and go call a cab
knew that she was wasted she askin me to buy the tabs
saw another bad one but her man had saw i spotted dat
then she turned and looked at me and really that’s what got em mad
he gon mess around n get beat up in need of body casts
when i’m gettin choose what they be expecting me to do
met a bougie chick that’s tellin me that she don’t need a boo
take a look at you then take a good look at my vehicle
what i’m driving make me feel like i should be conceited too
got a army you know the chamillitary hold it down
hit the after party call it work and call it overtime
you can’t see how i be shining baby then ya know ya blind
gotta att-tude but get a p-ss because ya know your fine