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lirik lagu celldweller – i can’t wait


i can’t wait

this flame is coalescing
this fire’s burning bright
i know i’ll get burned but it’s alright
(waiting anxiously)

it’s too late to change direction
i’m fixed on her in my mind
trade sense for sensation this time
(takes control of me)

i can’t wait

i want to be with you right now anyway
reckless, so what? i can’t wait to be around you

take me, break me, right now – why wait til ‘h-ll to pay’?
so dumb, so what? i can’t wait to be around you

her skin is laced with poison
her words are laced with lies
affliction is waiting in her eyes
(take them willingly)

i can’t control this compulsion
like a moth into the flame
her fiery embrace completes my shame
(don’t let go of me)

we bathe in this denial
lay bare the secret place
for just a little while
submit to this embrace

pain unfolding
shame beholding
don’t let go of me

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