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lirik lagu cas metah – truly cinematic


verse 1 (motionplus)
higher definition i max in, so i’m maximus decimus meridius gladiator
cut the cross fader while i fly like aviators
so save the favors neighbors i’m eric davis in outfields
i’m out still ‘til the witching hour’s over
drunken monk, sober, slapping a king cobra
mic sk!lls the coldest, words the magnum opus
swag over substance is spontaneous combustion
so picture that on a instamatic kodak
my erick sermon tells the vermin get the bozack
hedonistic but the grace is my statistic
redemption in the script so the movie’s realistic

verse 2 (lyriz)
i’m taking emcees like i’m ra’s al ghul
i’m a menace to society to your moulin rouge
i’m confused, do you really want to fuel these fumes
i’ll chern0byl any rapper don’t confuse us two
i’m a different breed, look at me, don’t be fooled
by the smiles and the daps ‘cause i give those too
as well -ss whippings, -ss kissing stan’s get schooled
by my vast vocabulary and the presence i exude
i’m an alien to those who say and don’t do who
say they got metals but ain’t built to build nations
i’m consisting of patience and i’ll wait you out
‘til the day i catch you slipping, better watch your mouth

verse 3 (mouf warren)
‘cause he might sneak up from behind and pop your ego with that nine
and leave you leaking on the floor then flee the scence of the crime
tim burton with the flow, depict the future before it’s time
return to the scene, laugh at your wack -ss for sneak dissing my shine
peep it, listen, you ain’t a g*nius like i
have your people thinking wow, such as beautiful mind
‘cause every word’s like a scene for the grind
but this ain’t bet
i’m shooting from a photographic memory
we all rhyme i ask myself why a million times for sure
and i think it’s probably ‘cause she won’t let you skeet in hers
all hundred million of you jerkies acting like you dope
caught snitching on yourself, flip and hope you drop the soap

verse 4 (rational)
flow just like nemo, don’t slow for no people
marshall in 8 mile, you don’t know what i been through
on a dark night (knight) on the edge like ledger popping pills
legends never die, rest in power robin will
insomniac searching for the artifacts, your art is wack
they say lyrically i’m like the art of war plus the art of rap
all these cats swinging off my king kong kim jong ding dong
play a rapper like a game of ping-pong
sounds of music without julie andrews is tragic
i’m super bad like i’m jonah, for movie scripts i’m an addict
i stay dope, rappers play roles, i never act
instead i sent this twelve to cas, rash truly cinematic

verse 5 (wonder brown)
so many looking for a return of the king and murder the scene
maybe y’all should be searching for scream part thirty-three and a third version
the naked gun to your conspiracy theory third person
replacing redrum for some purple drink
tip your tin cup acting majestic
but choose poorly and watch faces melt after the exits
some say bring the noise, i say k!ll the drama like any rapper trying to act, another p-ssing for mastodon
more like comic-con
like y’all ain’t camouflage
watching y’all’s like swimming in a dead pool with a cannon on
yeah, get your banner on, might as well the way you were after the green
yet you still wonder why the back draft is a stab to the spleen

verse 6 (reflex the architect)
put your skype chat versus my imax imagery
your times new roman to my spray can calligraphy
white flag before i’m tagged, or bad luck
there’s no shield from my fury, nothing left for i to patch up
scorched earth rhetoric, they all gasp
like i stepped into the room in a day of the dead skull mask
weighed up the comp, mentally set the timer
then bodied the whole scene like this was the equalizer
your best plans get moth balled
’cause no one’s left to get behind them, that’s a one man trust fall
so roll credits once these hurses filled then
i’m slow mo’ walking out the burning building, yeah

verse 7 (cas metah)
if rapping was gymnastics, you simple cats are still doing spotted back flips on a padded mattress
if emceeing was acrobatics, you could see cas trapeze like my hands were made of magnets
what i script, truly cinematic
so scorsese, plus the score crazy
soulseize got the h-rns blazing
your boy downloaded beats on soundcl!ck and just claiming that he made them
if hip-hop was taken by s-x slave tradesmen
i am liam neeson here to k!ll all their agents
spaz out take the back route
avoiding directors
choice of selections
i’m poised for perfection
they poison the essence
with usual suspects
bruisers and rough necks
who want to come test?
you could get done next
soon as the sun sets
a jedi on the death star, i hunt flesh
putting fathers in their coffins, often called a marksman
dropping bodies so long probably ought to start graveyard shift
they want me dead like danny green but don’t know how to make me bleed
maybe ‘cause i’m dracula without the fangs for t–th