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lirik lagu carpathian forest – speechless


(mason, thomas)speechless i wish there were something to say i drank too much of you and now you’ve gone to my head i’m laughing like a fool you leave me speechless and words i’m rehearsing all day are caught up in the traffic getting lost in their way they’re always left unsaid you leave me speechless
restless i count every step to the phone and when i get the nerve to dial then you’re never home so here i am alone and feeling restless
i wanted to say you’re unbelievable but then i got caught up on my own reply
if i asked you to stay around to hear what i might say would i see the answers in your eyes
speechless i look for the right things to say whoever stole my dictionary tore out the page it happens every day you leave me speechless
speechless i know that it’s all down to you you see i’m not responsible i’ve met my full meen
there’s nothing i can do you leave me speechless