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lirik lagu carnosus – insidious saviour


the master knights the no(n)blesse(d) minons
meanwhile escapees seek to miscarry, not deliver
the products of mandatory sin
the beknighted shall at the behest of their foul lord
operate in disguise, lurk and terrorize, spoil the form of something euthanized…

cease the increase of screaming infants ~ k!ll!
discontinue the discharge of another necrotic being
indulge in prenatal violation
foetal putrefaction pleases the insidious saviour
on march on behalf of their king
“oh majesty, lord of iniquity, bearer of the dismal crown
spoil these parasites with your decaying touch of filth”

revelling in fetid seepage
a sensation of rot…
“we offer thee, oh majesty, these rancid remains
let us from the progenitor’s flesh~chasm feed!”

knights of iniquity
praised be the abortionists
vacate the wombs, fondle the void

corrupt, insidious, claiming to help the involuntarily enceinte
exploiting their distress to wallow in prenatal violation
retraction of the choice to breed or abort, have made those seeking a saviour
turn to the ones with more sinister intentions…