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lirik lagu can’t swim – way it was


i heard you kicked holes in your apartment
they came to pick you up off the floor
you said you’ve been alright since we last talked
i guess i don’t know you anymore
i’m finding out its not the way it was
just not the way it was
do i believe what you said, was it all true?
i’m longing for the comfort of home
i’ve lost touch with the people i know

i heard you filled up the bath with poison
it ripped of the skin on both your legs
you said you were stranded there with no help
i guess you were all too proud to beg

there’s a fine line separating ones you love
from the ones you keep just to have someone
and i’m alone now
came to terms with thinking i’m the one to blame
cause i fill my voids with mistakes i make
and i’m alone now