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lirik lagu canibus – no return (hazu remix)


no return…

[verse 1]
yo, scientists gather in a secret place to debate
they photographed the earth from sp~ce and saw my face
they tried to translate the innate asiatic shape
before the final earthquakes came but it was too late
only one eighth of the human race escaped to sp~ce
they were chased by flying phenomenon to the lunar base
flotillas and sp~ce centers, lasers probed the entrance
dna code sensors reject old genetics
i presented my cosmic clearance to a patrol of medics
i was injected with sodium pentathol and questioned
i relayed the message the way i was trained to remember it
i showed them the keypad code and told ’em to enter it
i told ’em which alphanumeric b~ttons were sensitive
he sn~tched it outta my hand and started depressing it
i told him detonation was definite if he kept at it
he never quit, he just lost his temper and flipped
i bowed my head like “i guess this is it”
my ears popped, the music stopped and i couldn’t hear sh~t
no return…
no return…
no return…
no return…

[verse 2]
the driver jogged around to the front and opened the door
he said his name was muhammed jamal and he’d be with me till fall
he said the escort service had called
and a package would be waiting for me at the window
i said, “thanks”, he grabbed my bags fast and put ’em in the trunk
then he ran around to the front, slammed it in gear
pulled off slow, winding down his window
and asked me if i minded if he smoke, i said, “no”, he drove off
cut my cellphone off, then i swallowed a tablet of zoloft
went to sleep and woke up feeling kinda lost
i asked him what the weather’s been like lately
he said he doesn’t mind the heat and hates the a/c
said he had a son who was eighteen and made beats
and i happened to be his favorite emcee
i said for real, that’s crazy, i meet him later
yo, jamal could you please do me a favor
when we get to the corner stop at the bodega
hopped out the car, walked inside
the store’s stereo was playing feliz navidad
i got a pack of condoms and walked to the back of the line
there was three taliban that was talking very loud
one reached in his backside and pulled out a beretta gun
the last word i heard myself say was a four letter one
he looked me in the eye and said the drama’s never done
cause there’s ‘no return’
no return…
no return…
no return…
no return…

[verse 3]
i heard the ringtone of the red phone
headquarters informed us there was an explosion in the red zone
we were ordered to get ready to go
and to get into our bio~weapons protective gear and clothes
i rode shotgun, my partner ramirez drove
gps control gave us coordinates where to go
soon as we got there i could feel the hot air
for a second i stopped and stared, there was cops everywhere
i told ’em we need to get a square perimeter clear
we got an hour till nightfall so light some flares
i said a twenty second prayer then ran to the second chair
the lift that was there, then i waved my hands up in the air
to signal that it was clear before i ran upstairs
i could barely see, smoke was so thick in the air
i was visually impaired and started to get scared
i heard a woman scream, “help!” but i didn’t know where
i started screaming back, “i’m not gonna leave you here”
saying to myself, “d~mn, it’s hard to breathe in here”
searched the rooms one by one like, “f~ck my lungs”
ramirez said the fire truck got stuck by the front
i crawled all the way through the foyer to the end of the hallway
and seen her on the floor next to the doorway
i was half unconscious but i just ignored the pain
helped her to her feet and she had her arm in a brace
all this tar~like black stuff was all in her face
i radio ramirez coughing and tried to explain
i heard him say something to me like, “it’s all in flames!”
there was ceiling debris falling all over the place
i looked her in her eye, she looked into mine, it was strange
then i blinked for the last time and never saw her again
no return…
no return…
no return…
no return…