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lirik lagu camera obscura – other towns and cities


drinking whiskey reminds me of you
you’re the first in ages to have gotten through
i know you mean well, i know that you do
but sooner or later you’re going to break me in two

were my pupils dilated?
could you tell that i liked you?
we were so unlikely
you flirt with an ex, put me to the test
still i want to tell you that i love you the best

we turned the radiators on and there was no way back
did you know
you had the plough star trail on your back?
your voice is quiet and i need it loud
in the night you went up
and the morning you went down

it’s like you to forbid me to say goodnight
i had your brown eyes and limbs
on me through the night
these words are weak and to your dislike
you’ll never believe them so i guess it’s alright

do you like the view i show you?
i say look at the light
do you still miss the way that i hold you?
in other towns and cities
who’s holding you tonight?

the dresses came out of the bag then the tears came
drinking has never been the same again
i shared your trouble, i shared your weight
i lost it with you today

we don’t share a birthday but we do share a sign
we shared something or was it all in my mind
there was talk of love and how i need it back
i’d be better for you than that last love of mine

you’re in another town or city
you mean nothing to me tonight