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lirik lagu cam ron – my job


[verse 1]
yo, i hate my boss
dude think he know it all
and i know i know it all
but i follow protocol
hope sit in the casket
got me sittin’ in traffic (word)
it’s seven am (yeah, yeah, yeah)
and i woke up late, didn’t even have a shower
lunch break? give me a break, a d-mn half an hour
all this bullsh-t for twelve bucks an hour (i’m ready to quit)
plug me to chuck d, wanna fight the power
instead i light the sour before i go in the office
being here eight hours sure will get you nauseous
lady across from me, telling me her problems (what the f-ck?)
i’m look at her like yo (yeah, yeah, yeah)
how the f-ck i’m gonna solve ’em?
you know our ethnicity
car note, rent, don’t forget electricity (that’s all due)
internet, cable, and the phone all connected
food, gas, tolls oh now it’s getting hectic
brand new clothes? now you’d rather see me naked
yo check it, i got my check, now i’m feel disrespected (what the f-ck)
why am i working here? it ain’t working here
it ain’t worth it here, never gonna persevere
ain’t no money for new shoes or purses here
should’ve done my first career (huh) nursing yeah
now i’m sitting here thinking ’bout the work i put in
this verse from the everyday working woman

i put on my pants, put on my shoes
i pray to god, paid all my dues
i’m trying to win, seems like i was born to lose
all i can say (yeah, yeah, yeah)
i say let me through, but they don’t let me through
you want to quit, god d-mn i’m ready to
lifestyle i’m living, ain’t steady boo (not at all)
all i can say (yeah, yeah, yeah)

[verse 2]
ayo i’m lookin’ for a job, ain’t n-body hiring
then i ask the boss, “when y’all doin’ firing?”
you know i’m admiring nice job, family man
car and looking in these want advertis-m-nts
should’ve been a fireman, learn to do wiring
then get retirement, i blame my environment (it’s my hood)
i went in for an interview, for delivery (for delivery)
“locked up, felonies?” now the dude’s quizzing me
you working on my future, why you need to know my history?
all he did was google me, no big mystery
he ain’t digging me, politely he was dissin’ me
“no we’re not hiring, but thanks for the visit please”
he ain’t want me, my grandmother warned me
them god d-mn felonies will haunt me, taunt me (i told you ’bout them felonies)
no second chance, back to the same block
go home, my baby moms done changed locks (f-ck is she doing)
this a game ma? okay the games over (okay)
then she opened the door with the chain on (what’s up)
said she been reaching out, for several days
i ain’t helping out, we need to go our separate ways (oh word?)
i was just amazed, wanna go another route?
let me get my clothes, said she took them to my mother’s house
she was p-ssed off, yeah p.o.’ed
and said “go head and wild out, i’ll call your p.o.”


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