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lirik lagu c murder – that’s me


[c-murder talking]
that’s(fol’)me. that’s me.
ya dig? that’s me n-gg-. check it out.

you know that n-gg- that be strutin’ like a thug
(that’s me)
that n-gg- mean muggin’ in them club (that’s me)
you know that n-gg-, that just don’t give a f-ck
(that’s me)
and if you playin’ wit that boy you betta duck (that’s me)

cause you don’t wanna go to war wit me (war wit me)
i bring my dawgs wit me (dawgs wit me)
all my n-gg-s they gon’ fall wit me (fall wit me)
i’m from that cp3

it’s the 2g plus, and i’ma get my shine on
and break it down like b12 and get my grind on
i’d never leave you hangin, so gimme dap dawg
i’d never play you close because i rap fol’
i’m from the south, yeah i’m strapped, and plus i’m slugged up
and keep movin’ on that green and i get f-cked up
i hope you n-gg-s takin notes, so pay attention black
i’m the thug of all thugs, now picture that

repeat chorus and hook

this for all my dawgs, out there raisin’ h-ll, brah
stack yo chips, and make yo mail, brah
from rolodex to memorex, to s-x on the beach
i disinfect n-gg-s like bleach
wit my .45 auto on my dresser, i betcha
i wet cha, if you try to step to me n-gg-
wit that chop, chop, chop, tru records on top
makin’ ceo ends, in a benz wit my friends
sippin hen’, straight up out the bottle my nogga
six deep, so don’t you try to follow my nogga
i f-ck wit p, and a rowdy n-gg- like silkk too
that’s my crew, forever n-gg- t-r-u

repeat chorus and hook

you see them plaques on the wall, we ball, we did that
the most stuck up, chicks you met, we hit that, beat for beat, rhyme for rhyme
it’s cut boy time, so let a thug n-gg- shine
you be like, maybe not ‘c, or maybe so
i’m straight up, i say yeah dawg or n-gg- h-ll no
what i’m gon’ do when i get outta jail?
my mind on my money, stack chips, and make mail
uptown, downtown, west bound, i found all my rounds
wit that pound from them deadly soundz
that’s how i be, what you get, is what you see
locked down or free, lil daddy, that’s me

repeat chorus and hook

[c-murder talking]
and they told me to stop thuggin’. you must be crazy.
that’s me. ya’ll better ask sumbody. this aint no game
boy. tru records, respect us. forever. peace out.

(computer voice)