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lirik lagu by badboyhalo and quackity – don’t talk to skeppy or else


do you have somebody?
that i could possibly meet?
i’ve been really lonely
you might be my last of tonight

oh i’m sorry, but skeppy is taken
talk to that guy there quackity

heres..skeppy! always really nice, he has really nice hair a really nice car and he’s kinda out there

cuz he’s really cool, he really popin’ and really stylish, he’s million times better than quackity too so

there’s a lot of reasons to like skeppy

number one, is that he hangs out with me!
and it makes mе happy its a lot of fun

so you can’t have skeppy, sorry

go talk to quackity instead, i know his alonе
go talk to quackity, i know that he’s home
go talk to quackity don’t talk to skeppy

or else…
but you can talk to quackity, that’s fine