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lirik lagu bure – outchea


hey guys, that it’s
the wearld of tha mined
i wanna thank y’all for taking the time to listen to this tape
it really means a lot to me
i wanna give a special shoutout to isa real quick
you guys are the greatest
you guys wanted the tape, i gave you the tape
hope you liked it
i also wanna give a shoutout to the fam real quick
you guys are the greatest: ehi, sose, olumese
you guys are awesome
i love you guys so much
gotta apologise to one person in particular
xandy, i’m sorry i didn’t release the tape on your birthday
i just didn’t have time to record this summer man, my bad
shouts out to my cousin justin and all his friends back in the md, ya feel me?
shouts out to trey, jaronte, deandre, uh, kevin, myles and jalen
we reppin’
shouts out to mordecai, pedro and all my friends back in golf school
carey, emma, ali, dan, all the the counselors, you guys are the greatest people, i love you guys
shouts out to james cooper, conley and vito in particular for summer camp reppin’
you guys are the greatest, supportin’ the tape since day one, yeah
shouts out to ross, boy, ross cooney and toni etherson, uh
she doing her thing up in glasgow
she reppin’ glasgow, she the greatest
there’s one more person i need to shoutout: my mom
october 2nd, it’s my mom’s 50th birthday, ya feel, me
my mom, mommy, the greatest
i love you, so much
you sp-wned bure
greatest alive
the wearld of tha mined
we did it, ahh!