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lirik lagu bun – b – ridin’ slow


“ridin’ slow”
(feat. slim thug, play-n-skillz)

[intro – chopped and screwed voice (echo)]
hold up mayne
i know you ain’t think we wouldn’t fittin to come through with somethin
for the slab
you must be crazy n-gg-
you know we come down, this texas n-gg-
that’s off the top ho
hold up, that some sh-t that’ll shake the sidewalk right there
dang, you pop this trunk
bang down this block (play-play-play-play-play-n-skillz)
beat ’em down right quick mayne

[chorus – play-n-skillz (bun b) – w/ ad libs]
i’m ridin slow
(i’m in the slab, sw-ngin up the ave.)
i’m ridin vogues
(sittin on leather with my sh-t together)
i’m ridin fo’s
(i’m doin dirty while i’m “ridin’ dirty”)
i’m ridin slow
(sittin on buck and i don’t give a f-ck, so b-tch, what’s up?)

beep, beep, so they can see when i’m rollin through the hood
beep, beep, so they can see how a player grips his wood
beep, beep, i bet they see that now i’m livin good
(grippin the grain, drippin the stain)
i’m ridin slow

[verse 1 – bun b]
texas, land of the sw-ng (sw-ng), where boys pop trunk and bang (bang)
come down in a candy thang, hittin that switch (switch), lettin ’em hang
hit me a stang, maybe a lick (lick)
pound of the brown, maybe a brick (brick)
burn that purp inside of the ‘gar
with a bad -ss b-tch inside of the car (car)
c to the a, d to the i (i), l to the l to the a to the c (c)
b to the u to the n to the b, reppin that p to the a to the t (to the t)
i’m a dirty south representer, summertime, spring to the fall to the winter
o.g. in the game, no beginner, don’t take a loss (loss), get with a winner
lobsters on my plate for dinner (dinner)
and your b-tch is the midnight snack (snack)
break her off when i’m layin up in her (in her)
when i’m done i’m a send her right back (back)
iced out chain (chain), frozen wrist (wrist), grip that grain when i close this fist
diamonds up against the wood in the hood and i can’t be missed

[chorus – w/ ad libs]

[verse 2 – slim thug]
huh, huh, huh
i’m ridin slow, eyes slow, from what i smoke and po’
if you ain’t smokin ‘dro, then what the f-ck you smokin fo’?
with my deposit thug about to give the world a show (huh)
you know the truck gon’ glow (glow), you know them screens gon’ show (show)
you know the fifth gon’ fall (fall), you know them fo’s gon’ crawl (cheah)
you know that texas got to show y’all how we like to ball (huh)
my trunk knockin, got ’em watchin like i’m on a stage (i know you see me)
them four fifteens sound like lions bustin out a cage
i’m gettin paid, been ridin clean since the ‘leventh grade
no more braids now, i’m razor on my taper-fade (yeah)
i got it made, went to ike and i got it sprayed
now when i park where it’s dark, you can’t see the shade (huh)

[chorus – w/ ad libs]

[verse 3 – bun b]
man, there’s a road through the city
leather so soft (soft), paint so pretty
wheels so shiny, rims so new
when i hit your hood (hood), what you gon’ do? (gon’ do)
fall back and break bread with a g though (g though)
might come down, not like me though (me through)
underdog like to’ and beedo (beedo)
big cheese on me like a cheeto (cheeto)
ooh wee though, i’m the throwdest (throwdest)
but i guess you already know this
j’s the freshest, chain the coldest
hard to miss (miss), easy to notice
watch me to show this, easy as pie
bad -ss broad, easy on the eye
i’m so clean and she’s so fly
man we so player and that’s no lie
when we come through (through), p-ss on by
if you gon’ hate, take your -ss on by
sittin on top of the world
so really don’t need n-body to crash my high (my high)
on buck with the st-tch and tuck (tuck)
these boys know i’m not givin a f-ck (f-ck)
try to step and get stuck
so don’t press your luck, what’s up?

[chorus – w/ ad libs]

i’m ridin slow …
i’m ridin slow …

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