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lirik lagu brandy – decisions


(feat. ne-yo)

(but the angel says…)

take a second think about it
ask yourself is it really worth it, really worth it
you got a good man on your side
and you know that he don’t deserve it, don’t deserve it

(but the devil says…)

look at how he lookin at you
you know you wanna get it crackin, get it crackin
and plus how can your man get hurt
if he don’t even now that it happened, that it happened

it’s got me like ooooooh
cause i wanna do right
but he look so good tonight
and it’s got me singing ooooh
i wanna get it on
but i know that it’s wrong

decisions, decisions, woahh
i said decisions, decisions, woahh
i said decisions, decisions, woahh
i said decisions, decisions, woahh
decisions decisions

(but the angel says…)

what would you want her to do
if she was in the same situation, situation
said, think of her relationship and walk awaysai
ignore the temptation, said temptation

(but the devil says…)

she ain’t that kind of girl
so that ain’t even how it would go
(she’s never put herself in that place)
said you’re a man, so go ahead
and be a man
just make sure she never knows
(and everything will be okay)


(so what you gonna do?)

you know you gotta make a move
are you gonna do right
or get down for the night

know you gotta choose
said you know
you love your girl

and you know she loves you too
but what you gotta ask yourself
“is it worth losing him to you?”

so what you gonna do?

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