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lirik lagu brahman_is_gone – mocean


[verse 1]

break it down slow so i can see every mocean (every mocean)
so high i been floatin’ on the ocean (on the ocean)
oh sh~t, needa [both it ?], with ash trays
pass bays up, i’ll hit the dock up for some gas way (some gas way)

no rappers ever smokin’ out a pipe (out a pipe, yuh)
hoe rappers low grabba when i fight
yo dike
get the f~ck up out my way if i been rollin’ (yuh)
you ain’t in rotation cuz you pickin’ where you strollin’
too close and i’mma notice
too far and i don’t give a f~ck
flower like a lotus yeah i’m smokin on that honey~suck (that honey~suck)

got honey berries and bourbon up in my turban
serving durban to my people, confidential, i assurе them (i assure them)

burning urban watching bird is thе word
that sh~t a classic
jars like a i’m a pickle like vlasic
i attax it

sax it make it jazzy never whack sh~t
pax it in the bowl to rip this sh~t and then relax it (then relax it)