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lirik lagu bpoet! – war ready


(verse 1: bpoet!)
i hate you all cuz y’all wastin’ my time
if you tryna hit my line i hit that decline
when we face to face you always gon lie
i don’t got no time always on my grind
i might get up and go run like a cheetah
i might get up and charge up like vegeta
creepin’ on up cuz i’m snake and i’m sneekin
i’m gon run up make you run up them sneakers
look in my mind and my eyes and see pain
all on mines you know i grind for that bank
ain’t got no chain but i’m runnin this game
arise from the flames go berserk in my lane
my mind is real gone i think that i’ve lost it
imma have all of y’all runnin like faucets
learnin my way from mistakes yeah i saw them
hacking all up in ya brain yeah i dox it
gotta stay war ready
you know i gotta keep a sword steady
if i gotta then i drop him like a war veteran
fallout when i call him out then back to the settlement
i am ahead of this
arrive in a cloak, black mask i dawn
ride to the flow, liquid no boss
crashin when i’m attackin you all gon end up gone
rapid better fasten in or you gonna get lost
shouts out to kami
and midnight society
i stand alone so i’m havin no rivalries
i do what i want and take what they firing
then fire back wit the power inside a me

[hook: kamiyada]
shooting out beams
war ready when i roll wit my team
war ready yeah you know we in lead
war ready yeah you know we in lead
shootin out beams
shootin out beams
war ready when i come with my team
war ready when i come with my team
war ready cuz you know we in lead, yuh