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lirik lagu boss don – prelude to the aura


aura of the night two is out right now smoking sh~t
but know i’m never resting
i know everyone miss the freestyles so i
figured i give ya quick bars and remind people
sh~t is not a game and i do this for real
pay attention, ya bout to learn something real quick

lord forgive me for this flow and heat i pull up and raise
i been scorching lit with this drip i set and just blaze
put on my shades i just flex amazed stunt with the gang everyday
getting paid staying out the way watching my haters decay
ain’t no delays in what i seek living my life as i please
pull up applying pressure ain’t no n~gga with drivе this sh~t is a breeze
moving with ease i switch gеars then i speed
level up then exceed any goal getting breached that i meet any quota in my reach i succeed
be the illest n~gga with the vibes when i just step in the place
pull up with smoke if you outside it’s up when we meet up it’s lit in this sp~ce
focus and brace for this storm on the rise
i’m pulling up shaking sh~t riding the tide
peep the wave that i’m on i advise
don’t get in my way or that’s ya demise
sh~t i don’t lie no cap in my raps
smoke any beat boom bap or trap
you can send em all watch me black and snap
any spitta in way getting capped it’s a wrap
i spit facts i don’t look for appeal
dropping dope sh~t while i sharpen my sk!lls
creating a wave for n~ggas to feel
just know in a minute that sh~t gone get real
f~ck how they feel cause it’s my time
diamonds dancing watch me shine
chicks be glancing i pay no mind
really need a bad b~tch that gone match my grind
f~ck up a bag take trips and dine
pop champagne while she pop her wine
keep sh~t fine while i plan out designs
know that it’s up cause my life is aligned
don’t decline i just level up
mind too divine i can sever cut
any mic line make the lever shut
if i wanna rhyme they could never duck
clever they gone find they need better luck
know that’s it a sign that they getting stuck
with an einstein with a rap clutch
if i lock in know that sh~t is f~cked
pull up sh~t is cinematic like i’m in a theater for four d
sh~t be slow like a four speed if i’m in a race know it’s all me
straight k!ll flows make it gory machete sh~t jason voorhees
i don’t duck smoke i’m with all deeds too vicious like i’m victor ortiz
better fall down on four knees pray for a fate less cold
push me too far then i flex n~ggas get stretched then they get fold
stand bold straight ten toes dropping foes while i throw bows
chill and humble but i’m with the rumble if any n~gga wanna talk flows

more heat on the way, more freestyles more bangers
big moves in 2024, just you watch hahaha

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