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lirik lagu bobby hofer – more than


they way i’m holding you, girl
you know its alright
you never knew it, ’cause i
never said it
i got a secret, wishing we were more than friends
now you got a breakup messing up your makeup
and your heart is broke
get used to my arms
he’ll never hurt you again

tell me now
with your eyes wide open
(these) words unspoken
wait, don’t say it right now
cause your heart is broke yeah
that wound still open
but is it gonna be him
or me
show you the best that i wanna be
(i) need to know when all of this ends
will you and me still only be friends

sent me a text the message said to call me
not even thinkin jumped on the sprint
and headed up the highway
finally i’ll let you know
all you needed was a hug
and a little bit of me
till you’re back with him
been here before
we’ll probably be here again
i can’t stand to see you cryin
and i can’t keep pretending, lying
you know that boy be whining
so i’ll just keep on trying trying to be more than

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