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lirik lagu bob the drag queen – corned beef


now, i’m just sittin’ at home, trying to enjoy the pit stop, a job that was stolen from me, and then two wung fu trying to read me!
i’m like, now how did i get in this?
okay, dude, get the body back, toe~tangin’, imagine a drag queen gettin’ dragged by a straggot
so, bro, if you wanna go, let’s go, i’ll take a man down, and it’s on no h0m~~pen so, right, i could be the bard, wig so bad, the hairline is hard
sh~t so dry, it might make me gag, and that’s why you don’t f~ck with the—
so, let me keep it real with this straight guy, that’s a whole lotta mouth from an ally
so, don’t bump your lips instead, pad your hips, you are not equipped, so b~tch, get a grip
danny gonna call me corny? when we all know, you started drag cuz you was h~rny
i say this with all due respect, if the wig don’t burst, i’ma break your neck
you the one that pulled a pin on this d~mn grenade
don’t know what the wig cost, but you overpaid
vida thought she ate, yeah, she thought she slayed
nikesema’s heard enough from patrick swayze
read you, wrote you, yeah, you been read
fayetteville, arkansas, give me inbred
bald b~tch to bald b~tch, you pinhead
where was you on 1~6, you skinhead?
i’m just, i’m just askin’, you don’t have to answer, you can plead the fifth
di~didn’t you go home, fifth?
oh, oh, oh, oh, okay

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