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lirik lagu blue oyster cult – o.d.’d on life itself


how could i fool you i rest and -ssure you
take it off from here and put you on the line, yeah
your back to the pistol and iron bullets whistle
landscape’s open and the world is mine, it’s still mine

od’d on life, life itself
od’d on life, life itself
od’d on life itself

writings appear on the wall
the curtains part and landscape fall
there the writings done in blood
yeah, like a mummy’s inscription and a bat wing tongue

well then the mouth of the cave will open up wide
wide as the world that’s mine, it’s mine, it’s
still mine

so don’t you fear the trade in life
life loves force but force loves life
this wedding by heaven was made up in h-ll
with the victim as bride and life, life itself

od’d on life, life itself (repeat ad nauseam)