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lirik lagu bladee – dg jeans


dolce jeans, when i’m with my fiends
chase my dreams, get it by any means
blood on me, i got blood, i bleed
drugs come free, that’s why i stay drug free

i been eating good, i been bleeding bad
i feel better ’bout myself when i was feeling bad
go to hollywood, just to get the cash
if i could, i’d sell my soul to the f-cking bank
and i made you swag, i feel like your dad
i feel like that is what made you mad
i’ma spend it fast, then we get it back
hundred racks, i pulled it out the trash

velcro straps (velcro straps)
d.e.o, b-tch, i’m back (b-tch, i’m back)
(black on black) black on black
(bmw, i might crash) no
trust no man
catching flights, i’m jet lagged
(built like gl-ss) built like gl-ss
(no face, we use a mask) we use a mask