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lirik lagu black thought – dope fiend


yes i, yes i, yes i, check it out
my sound surround like a crown of th-rns stuck onto the planet
another mc is left stranded
i flow breast-strokin’, they larynx stretched open
freestyle, forever wet, soakin’
keep ya lady open, most handsome
i propose a toast to the 5th dynast’ anthem
fierce frequency pierce your eardrum
hip-hop continuous crime, tryna come up in a strenuous time
yo, here come the prime culprit, leavin’ weak rappers insulted
my pen voltage, the shot, the paper that drop
the flavor that define nature
a message to the fraudulent squadron: i hate ya!
they blowin’ me, what the f-ck you really showin’ me?
akh, yo, you can’t rock, you get dropped outta position
it’s poetry that makes the best glisten
and make the rest just listen, you actin’ like i’m speakin’ mexican
dig it, i’m black thought from the 5th and
my style change like a deranged, psychopathic, strangely, i jam
just like traffic, the exquisite, vivid, graphic
live it, authentic while you represent plastic
yo, appease, you bent backwards
steppin’ into the dark, when i enclose the park like steel fences
i’m only inches away from the dj by the benches
and attack loops and se-quences, i back-slap an mc senseless
represent this, illa 5th type heavy mic-wrangler michelin
i out-think then over-angle ya, perform ya murder on camera
then confess and testify with the medical examiner
i, the roots is the top-notch, ask your manager
any veteran in my regiment’ll handle a mic on point
like a tip that’s hollow and flip sh-t for ya clique to swallow
to all the dreamers you initiated, now follow
the 5th dundee, the concerto of the desperado
this rap sh-t within my brain like a tumor
while constructin’ a rhyme, i serve the consumer
that’s worthy, tariq bless whoever heard me
when i start touchin’ it, don’t disturb me
i accompany superbly, rhythm that gets ya mind thirsty
when i rock, it’s somethin’ to see
one time for ya mind, yo, authentically genuine
represent philly side, 5th dyn’