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lirik lagu big yaya – grinch no grind


(w~where’s the atm at?)
(chubby goin’ crazy crazy)

[verse 1]
wake up, how i’m gon’ get a million?
movin’ like the mob, would’ve thought i’m sicilian
catchin’ māthā on the flight, i ain’t catching no feelings
i ain’t seein’ the vision
i’m about to go back to drug dealing
the sky’s the limit, why you reachin’ for the ceiling?
this yercocet doin’ no healing
they true colors always revealing
i’m global, i got grinchstas out in new zealand
i got [jackie out?], i ain’t concealing
i love the drugs more than her, i’m tryna hide it
white boy need a pint, i provide it
before this rap sh~t, i was flippin’ narcotics
my hoe psychotic
got a plug in the a, look like lil gotit
every opp block we done shot it
my blidda the hottest
i be coolin’ off from avianne
prolly why they can’t find me
i hang with the plug, that’s why, i don’t need an assignment
the p~ssy water, i made her have a tsunami
i’m tryna get a presidential, i ain’t tryna [?]
grinch, don’t grind, i ain’t poppin’ no ollie
sippin’ wocky in louis, used to shop on the coli
highschool, had indian custys, i used to sell ’em brown molly
[?] i’m lying
[?] tell ’em everything, we call him brian
o’connell, thinkin’ he a friend he police
[verse 2]
i pray to god it ain’t no more [j reed?]
took so much pints, they banned me from duane reade
i know plugs countin’ money, but they can’t read
and i hate when n~ggas acting like they can’t bleed
she know i’m a ticket, she be acting like she can’t leave
he was dropping my dub, now he can’t breathe
live a fast life, tellin’ me i can’t speed
call ’em for a line, that’s my pet peeve
she a bird, never stay when the bread leave
i’ma turn the renty to a bentley
want it all, they ain’t never gon’ get me
they good with crumbs, but i need the whole loaf
trap out the [?]
back to reality, it wored off
i done sipped so much lean, that i don’t cough
i was sleepin’ on myself, i done dozed off
i didn’t run off on the plug, i droved off
when life got hard, i sold soft
or i turned it to hard, i’m marryin’ money
maybach seats, they give a massage
i was in paris, tryna get some [?]
feds takin’ pics, tryna make a collage
when i’m in cali, i’m in gallery
took his pounds, he lost calories
i was tricked but i’ll put you on the salary
got a couganista, gettin’ māthā from valerie
these hollow tips bigger than batteries
tried to run, had to put ‘em on his back
i love my phone, made a hundred one app
my diamonds fiji water, yours are the tap
2k diamonds no shorts, i needed exact
on the telly, i was grinch’n like zach
do it dolo, i don’t need a cody
but i need codeine
my fans ain’t doin’ enough, i need dope fiends

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