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lirik lagu big tent revival – what would jesus do


some people just want to survive
and i don’t know about you
but i am alive, lately it seems that
i need a hand, in a fallen world
i just want to stand

what would jesus do walkin’ in my shoes
workin’ at my job and goin’ to my school?
and i hear people say, “jesus is the way”
i believe and that is why i’m asking you
what would jesus do?

and as we all know, life can be tough
and all that we need is love, sweet love
so where do we go? well here’s what i see
to change my world, i gotta change me

sometimes choices don’t seem black and white
and they can leave you black and blue
what would jesus do? he’d give his life for you
if you follow him, you’ll give your life to them

shine on, shine on, follow with jesus
shine on, shine on, follow with jesus