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lirik lagu big syke – big syke daddy (you’ll like it)


big syke daddy, take me away
somewhere that we can parlay

verse 1:

you can be my girl, i’ll take you ’round the world
you’ll like it, just call me syke
might get a little heated, warm what’s needed
problems let me treat it
tell them suckas they can beat it
i’m all you will need
i’ll feed, ya starvin’ p-ssion
at the right speed maxin’ wid out crashin’
ain’t no love like the love i’ll show ya
(yeah i like it), see i told ya?
believe good things come to those who wait,
but now that you got it don’t hesitate, my soulmate,
i’m searchin’ for her through the universe
you will c-m first alot ah pleasure but it’s worth it
every minute, the prize you winnin’,
windows tinted, the corners we bendin’, hey!

just try it, and you will like it
just treat me right, and i’ll keep it tight
day and night, i think of you
there’s nothing that i wouldn’t do for you

big syke daddy, take me away
somewhere that we can parlay

verse 2:

baby you ain’t gotta ask what i got or what i’m givin’,
it’s first cl-ss even though i’m thug livin’
big syke devoted to the life
whether benz or bike doing things you like
call me satelite baller ya girlfriend watcher
in her eyes i see en-vy…
she can wink her eye but ya best believe,
she won’t be with me…
i’ll be sick, you the flyest and bonnie ah your clique
so when it came to choosin’ you the one i had to pick
so stick with me or be history like the rest
gimme the test so we can chill and release stress
you can tell me your deepest secrets and wildest dreams
and i’ll tell you war stories and crazy things
although it seems i’m too rough,
i got enough sense to put it down in the bed i commence,
to rinse your troubles in bath bubbles is all we need
satisfaction guaranteed, you will like

chorus (2x)
(woman making noises)

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