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lirik lagu berzerker - forever


always living on the line of what you think is right or wrong
there was a time when even i could not bear to be alone
needing someone or something that is not mine to call my own
to have and hold
severing the only line of trust that you once thought you had

now that i can see past you, i can start to be a man
death to me seems no mistake, for i have yet to hate
so can you see my pain, can you feel my pain, can you see my…

this is my world
and i see, what you don’t
forever, wanting more
life breathes, from our soul
looking into bloodshot eyes, mesmerized, they can’t look back
slowly turning in my mind is the visions of your death
finding truth amongst my lies, but not accepting

now i grow and gain control
opening to inner sanctums that you do not understand
having no respect for life and taking it with my bare hands
always searching with contempt for ways
to rid my pounding head from this place
this is my world
and i see what you don’t
forever, wanting more
life breathes from our souls

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