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lirik lagu berrytherapper – moments


[intro] oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah signing off the moments that make a bad day oh yeah oh yeah no-one told me when to run ,n0body told me when to run ,yeah n0body ,no-one
[verse 1
d-mn hours wasted in bad way
d-mn n-gga gotta be shown way
tired staying home
some ma n-ggas are long way gone
buh the swnness in my lyrics
got a good spirit no critics
gotta start pushing n pursuing
n-gga i ain’t acting
counting till this sh!t true
man,don’t need a crew
i’m young i can improve
got a lotta sh!t to prove
got one last move
i run ,i run to catch up
i know i will come up
early bird 4 am i wake up
plan my life in an english way
the song ain’t over,got more to say
like carl zeiss i capture moments
for this track i need comments
i will call it another day
for forever moments stay
[ bridge]
so there been sadness
yea ryt i felt the weakness
sh-t seemed hopeless
there been bad moments
and also good moments
buhi came strong
felt the joy
so many times i heard the word (no)
but no n-gga didn’t fall
there have been bad moments and good moments
said there been sadness
and weakness seemed hopeless
i came strong
yeah i felt the joy
[ hooks]
so some times ,its hard
feeling bad and good moments
yeah sometimes it’s hard
feeling bad and good moments
[ verse two]
let’s begin now,trying to keep it real
enjoying good moments on a low bill
this battle is for gold
so n-gga gotta be bold
don’t wanna leave a void
my life going on plans
im praying for signs
no slams got lot of fans
trying to find the perfect line
here oh no i m running out of time
here oh but i need some time off
time to pick my girl off
school the exams over
repeat over
yeah this is freedom
at last no one can keep me down
i m the best again
i said i m the best over and over again
moments drive me mad
remembering what i lost,i had
players only love me when they are playing
yeah be like walking when its raining
switching around then
so i can learn
no longer afraid to look beyond
doesn’t matter if its in the sand
verse 3
to some poor b-tch nig-ss keep it in mind ain’t ur target i enjoy this life ,i hustle every minute i kind of wonder if u will solve ur blunder are u strong to stop this thunder ain’t designer ,no panda i keep you haters talking hahaha i like keeping it popping yeah got the album dropping they already told me what u said u just hope to see me dead do fake smiles when we handshake got beef ; try steak in my presence;don’t pretend to be my friends ,yeah don’t poison me if that’s your best then stop that’s the worst u got

[outro] hahahaha, you ain’t knowin’ what i mean by moments so, since you ain’t knowin’ what i mean, let me break it down … just a point when u experience some bad or good times and u get some thoughts of it on how it happened yeah

@droid music studios