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lirik lagu benediction – face without soul


reflected face, dragged from the void without a soul
illusive dream, poisoned with no control
consuming time, condemned arise from gl-ssy sleep
a vengeful mind, prowling into dreams it seeps
now it seeps

murdered mirror takes revenge upon the narcissic one
a trail of vengeance follows, bleaching bones a b-st-rd son
gaze upon silver coloured soul, bizarre occurs
rapid ageing, growing old, alias the blur

anomalous ent-ty
drawn into your dream
solace ingesting age

is in the way it breeds

bitterness the crying words
corroded affair betrayed
weeping in it’s futile anguish
leaving it’s victims shattered and decayed

pause for reflection

screeching, deformed, frozen face
threatening from the unquiet place
stalking beauty to feel such pain
a pleasing violence it’s so insane
so insane

in reflection the eyes they glare and gleam
muted howlings from within a victims dream
ferocious are it’s embroilled cries
the mirror never lies