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lirik lagu bendik - the mirror


looking for protection
the mirror is a door made out of gl-ss
spend some time, watch life p-ss
the mirror is where death comes and goes
spend some time and age shows
when i put my firts suit on
i looked so young and strong
the perfect cover for a boy
who thought himself a broken toy
but noone else’s supposed to see
noone else supposed to…
looking for protection
a beautiful woman and fashion sways
elegance is the embrace of decay
oh, there was this different one
makes me proud, the way it was done
stripes and b-ttons everywhere
that hid my helplessnes, my fear
the perfect image for a man
who always lends a helping hand
i strike a hand across my chin
learn to like what is within
to like the things i fear the most
what i seek and all my…
i’m standing here wondering what to wear
nude and in the flesh i have to stare
looking for protection

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