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lirik lagu before their eyes – anything’s possible in new jersey


i woke up next to her
felt a warm rush go through my body
gasping for air
with her heart out of chest in my hands, all bl–dy
she said thanks for taking me to a place i’ve never been
where i feel oh so comfortable
it’s that when i’m feeling numb
i forget the place i’m from
misguided misfortune, seeking pay in attention

you’re so comfortable
you’re so comfortable

we all know that oh, you’ve got nothing to say
and all you do is talk
tell me the last time you loved anything
can you love anything?
is there someone out there to take me away
i can’t keep living what you want me to be
well who am i
who am i today?

this is who i am
what gets my heart beating
after all – you’re just a feeling
and i swear one of these days
yea, that i’ll just run away
and go oh so far from here
i’ll run imaginary lines, on my imaginative climb
undivided pretension, lost in loving intention

you’re so comfortable
you’re so comfortable
just not lovable

are you trying to save the world
empty voices
worn out sources
be more silent