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lirik lagu bayview. – music asks for perspective


what’s the answer you want
you’ve been sitting in your room for a few days, your distraught
do you think you’re depressed, please don’t lie
do you think your special cause you’re an average guy
do you want me to feel the same
well your music is sh-t, the feelings tame
you can’t sing for sh-t so why even rap then
you put your hands to the pad so why say f-ck it to a pen
do you think you are a writer
you write half–ssed lyrics and want people to be inspired
you care for no one but yourself, well only time will tell
your eighty kilo’s and you’re heavier than this earth
so really what is your life worth
you have f-cked people’s lives so f-ck your own
you gotta pick at something so pick your own bone
i understand you don’t feel the same but i want you too
well sorry to tell you i don’t dude