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lirik lagu band de soleil - redemption dream


up ahead in the distance i can hear the cannon blast
questioning who killed the king still
echoing from the past
freedom rings the bullet slings shot
out into the night
baby’s dead the headline read
who’s gonna stop the fight
let the lightening flash
and let the thunder rumble
let it burn the flesh of the
proud and humble
let the earth take it’s turn
and burst at the seams
in my redemption dream
who cares if armageddon’s coming
we lit the fires and started running
just like the children who carry the blame
who brought the mission
burning down in flames
throwing stones, stepping on a crack
oh no, your mama can never take you back
into the womb the break was clean
in my redemption dream
how many days how many nights
how many souls, how many lives
we take the chain and break the chain
let’s make a change
in my redemption dream
when does the nightmare stop
when does the dream begin
go ask the street vendor
“hey, when does the fruit stop rotting?”
the prince of peace was overthrown
by a seductive king
the olive branch when the dove was slain
washed away downstream
take the chain and break the chain
and make a change
in my redemption dream

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