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lirik lagu babytron & bandgang biggs – baywatch


(ooh sh~t, that’s a danny g beat)

[verse 1: bandgang biggs]
we in this b~tch, won’t pop another addy
tell yo b~tch don’t come tripping, save them problems for yo daddy
i like ’em pretty with a fatty, do it nasty
catch yo mans out in traffic, hit the switch and do him nasty
we got like ten goats in one stu’
b~tch, i done told you
up the chop, hit the switch and flip like a roku
say you know the gang? lil’ b~tch, we don’t know you
b~tch lying on the d~ck, said she got hit but got no proof
[verse 2: babytron]
every punch i grab, it’s on fire, i’m like goku
stop acting high, that’s a pressed pill i sold you
wouldn’t throw a jab or a hook, we gon’ blow you
beam, flash, f~ck around and add the scope too
been getting money, how i’m ’posed to
in my dms talking ’bout we cousins, i don’t know you
sleve nash, i can score the sh~t or i could throw’oops
red adidas soccеr pants on but the roll blue

[verse 3: bandgang biggs]
any weathеr, i might pull up on you in a snowsuit
.9 on me when i’m in the city, this my go to
i ain’t got no friends, instagram got me like, close who?
only the family, them my n~ggas, we’ll blow you
walk ’em down like i’m nle but i’m bmbg
mama said, “son, i wanna see you on tv”
but i’m too caught up in the hype, can’t get up out the streets
i’m out here thugging everyday, seven days a week

[verse 4: babytron]
she say she knew me back in high school, that ain’t the same tron
heard you get up but you can’t punch with me, you nate rob
i was fifteen in western union, man, i hate jobs
think dwayne johnson in the clip, make the k rock
pour it up in the lemonade because i hate pop
my hitman know he getting extra for a brain shot
still going, b~tch, next week my second chain drop
i be in the d, b~tch, my life something like baywatch